Early stage startup or mature SMB looking to leverage innovative strategies to drive new leads?

I offer consulting services to help grow your sales pipeline and increase the efficiency of your sales process.

Lead Generation

I will help you leverage digital marketing channels (social media, email marketing, retargeting) to grow your pipeline.

Highly targeted campaigns maximize your sales team's conversion rates and efficiency.

CRM & Marketing Automation

Implement an effective sales and customer success process. Hubspot, Salesforce, Pardot, Intercom and Slack are my favourite tools to work with.

I've reached 47% open rates and 6% click through on cold email campaigns and generated significant opportunities through social selling.

PR & Branding

PR and media distribution is just another form of business development. The same strategies can be applied.

I can also help you develop your messaging and build a content strategy to lift your brand and build engagement with your target audience.

Why Me?

I believe any business relationship should be an equal exchange of value. Being self aware of my strengths and abilities, I only focus on projects where I am confident I can generate significant results. I have a no BS approach and only recommend or implement proven strategies.

My Approach

Results will only come with profound knowledge of your market, product and company. I typically begin with a short intro meeting to assess objectives and the scope of the project.

I follow with one or more information and planning sessions after which a scope of work can be delivered.

Progress is tracked through agile or other collaboration tools and weekly or bi-weekly touch points. KPIs and attribution tracking are implemented to measure results.

Next Steps...

Book a quick intro call with me to discuss your challenges.