I’m a Growth Hacker – what does it mean?

The term Growth Hacker has irked me for years. It stems from the fact I see a hack as a shortcut, workaround or a short-term tactic. It has also lead to some people including coding in their definition of Growth Hacking which I don’t believe is a prerequisite. I don’t like buzzwords, but sometimes they’re the best way to communicate who you are and what you do. Especially if that is a concept, once ambiguous which has been clarified by the media “buzz”.

Why I’ve come to Embrace the Growth Hacking term

I had stopped paying attention to content on the subject until recently, where I found the definition of the practice to have evolved. I had been unknowingly developing a set of skills that aligns with the most common definitions of the term. In short, it’s an adapted approach to full stack marketing for SaaS business and the digital economy. Growth Hacking strives in a world where experience is becoming one of the main levers to success. It helps break departmental or procedural barriers which stand in the way of business optimization and innovation.

As a growth hacker, I pull at polar opposites; from a holistic vision of company processes and strategy to very specific tactics that drive incremental improvements. There’s nothing we’re not willing to try or learn if we have evidence it can help grow the business. It’s all about doing, measuring and iterating. All while playing a balancing act between intuitiveness and being data-driven.

SImon Sinek Iterate Quote

It’s not just marketing

A growth hacker cannot be bound to specific areas of the business. My strength is in viewing everything from a user’s or customer’s point of view. I might help you increase your conversion rate by improving the UX of your order process or optimize your sales efforts by changing a configuration in your CRM. The point is, our varied knowledge and expertise, across all facets of the customer cycle allow growth hackers to plug holes in the process wherever they may lie. We implement cost effective tactics to generate leads while balancing long term vision, retention and customer experience.

Data-Driven all the way

A big part of growth hacking is a focus on the right metrics. At the end of the day, it’s about increasing operating revenue and all KPIs stem from that one objective. If it doesn’t affect the main goal, it’s a vanity metric and should not be tracked. If a task doesn’t contribute to the established metrics, it better be quick or it should not be done.

Understanding what data to leverage to impact CX, growth and attribution is a unique skill growth hackers bring to the table. The beauty is, we also know how to implement the technology to utilize it and drive improvements with scalability.

Growth Hacking is a Mindset

There is no rule that cannot be bent, no task that cannot be accomplished, there may be shortcuts to growth but none to long term sustainability in business. Growth hackers are dedicated and focused on an objective that every investor wants to see increase: revenue. The key is, we are not tied to a set of strategies or tasks, we’re involved in every aspect of the business. We bring a strategic vision while being able to execute a variety of tasks.

We do it all, we love solving problems and growing businesses…could your company capitalize on these passions and expertise?

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