What I do

Understanding the user’s perspective is the best way to grow your business. I help companies improve customer experience and generate qualified leads by leveraging the latest digital marketing tools and strategies.

Customer Acquisition

Generate leads through the most relevant channels and increase conversion rates.

Data Driven Optimization

Improve customer experience and overall business metrics through proper measurement and quick iteration.

Marketing Automation

Scale and improve processes by implementing the best CRM and marketing automation technology.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Implement the right SEO, SEM, content marketing, email marketing, social media & PPC tactics.

About Me

Customer-Focused Full Stack Marketer & Growth Hacker

I’m obsessed with customer experience. I built my first website and online community when I first discovered the web in 1995. I’ve had a continuous passion for technology and digital marketing since.

Combining my ambition, experiences and expertise in growing SaaS startups, I help companies creatively fill their pipeline, improve conversions and increase customer satisfaction.

Latest Blog Posts

Digital marketing, growth hacking and Montreal startup events.

how to leverage micro-moments

How to Leverage Micro-Moments

Micro-moments frame so many aspects of marketing strategy and tactics. Consumers are mainly going to discover or engage with your brand when they either: Want to know Want to do Want to go Want to buy These moments, mindsets – whatever you […]

digital marketing stack

My Digital Marketing Stack

Working in startups has enabled me to constantly test different tactics and new software, so I thought I’d give some insight into my preferred “tool belt”. A Tool for Almost Every Need With all the funding going into software companies and the accessibility […]

Growth Hacking

I’m a Growth Hacker – what does it mean?

The term Growth Hacker has irked me for years. It stems from the fact I see a hack as a shortcut, workaround or a short-term tactic. It has also lead to some people including coding in their definition of Growth […]

Optimize Email Marketing Conversion

Email Marketing Optimization in the Buying Journey

Buying Personas I covered the subject of personas in my post on Technolizer, so today I’ll give some examples of what a set of these can look like across the various stages of the B2B buying journey. We’ll use a company […]